2011 01 30

20th Jan cut out and assembled foam for centerboard case 4hr [172]

21st Jan rounded edges and sureformed smooth then filled external cracks 2hr [174]

24th Jan Glass and epoxy. I am going to put the bottom layer of outside glass on while the cboard case is 'in shape' over the cboard. I am using little bits of foam 6mm thick (slit 12mm board) stuck on with tape to leave an allowance for the two layers of glass and epoxy that will go inside. Hopefully this will hold the foam in the right shape while it is being stuck to the inside of the hull! I applied the epoxy to the glass laid on a sheet of polythene. I think this would have been less messy with thicker gauge, the stuff I used was cheap decorators' cover. 5hr [179]

25th Jan Built supports for the internal frames so I can cut them! Put some glass and epoxy on the outside of the hull to stiffen it once the slot has been cut. Also gouged holes through the foam and single glass layer on the sides of the centreboard case opposite the bearing hole. Then fitted the bearings on the axle and stuck in place with lots of glass fibre and epoxy mixture. Used my laser level to get the centre line of the slot marked. 4hr [183]

26th Jan Plucked up courage and cut through the frames. Fitted the cboard case to the inside surface, marked shape and cut to fit. Filled internal fillets with fibre and epoxy mixture and used same mixture on top edge. Wedged it firmly in from beneath. I used a spirit level on the axle to ensure that it was stuck vertical. 4hr [187]

27th Jan Cut through the foam to form the slot. I have left three bridges. Smoothing and rounding edge, filling cracks inside and out. 3hr [190]

28th Jan Reduced to only one central bridge. More smoothing, also forming a fillet on the inside of the hull where I will reinforce with carbon fibre tape. Hopefully this stiffness will stop the slot closing or opening once I cut the last bridge and before I put the glass on the outside of the hull. 3hr [193]

I have ordered the rest of the glass, foam (6mm, I really wanted 8mm but they were out of stock. This is cheaper and lighter but will need extra stiffening/strengthening.) and filler/paint from Marineware. I will also need more epoxy and glass balloons from East Coast. Expensive!!